It's never too early to start thinking about what you want to be for Halloween!

Before I dig in, I want to stress that this blog post is supposed to be sarcastic and humorous. I don't actually encourage anyone to hurt each other. I just think we could be creative... and theme that with our city.

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    A car wreck

    You've got to admit, we sure have a lot of them! Just find a car costume and sew it together with another one your friend is wearing.

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    A restaurant closing

    Make your own closed sign, hang it around yourself, and ta-da! You're a Rochester restaurant that's closing!

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    A Mayo nurse

    Okay - a lot of you have this costume already. Why not save a few bucks and celebrate Mayo? Or, you know.. focus on saving a few bucks.

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    A Canadian goose

    This one would take some work to put together, but hey - it'd be funny! You could buy one too. Lord knows we have enough of them here!

    You could also add on a Rochester Honkers cap and say you're a Honker!

  • Target

    The Cascade Lake alligator

    Hey, no one has said they HAVEN'T found him yet!

    Why not spoof the whole ordeal from earlier this year?