Just think, if you have a spare, oh, $ 20 - $ 30 grand laying around, all of this could be yours! As seen in 'Spongebob' [Below], this more than lifesize replica of David Hasslehoff saved SpongeBob a few years ago, it has wheels, its approx. 167 x 54 x 54 inches, and its for sale. Imagine what people would think if they walked into your home to find this lovely centerpiece? 

Julien's Auctions - Source Linked

Those feet look pretty life-like.  There's much more at Julien's Auctions with this HassleHoff sale... even a 'Kitt' Car.. AND a 'Kitt' Golf Cart.

Julien's Auctions - Source Linked

With a starting bid of $ 15 thou, and an estimated sale ranging between $30,000  to  $50,000, these gems wont last long! Hurry time is running out, April 11th will be here before you know it!  Hey, who wouldn't want a 'Kitt' of their very own?  There are baywatch items, clothes, trophies, posters and more.  I can't understand why he would want to part with all of these amazing items in his personal collection.  The Spongebob replica is quite creepy, and I think I'd maybe need therapy or a good stiff drink if that were placed in my home.  Which it will not be, just sayin'.... Don't tell PETA, but he is also auctioning off his eskimo fur coat.

The lifesize replica on wheels will only set you back twenty to thirty grand, the starting bid is ten.  Go ahead, take a look.... 

It turns out that, the Hoff holds some sentimental attachment to his monster giant replica...  he had a hard time putting it up for sale, check out how HUGE it is!