Does anyone else think this dude had no chance from the beginning?

Let's be real for a second - WHO DECIDES IT'S A GREAT IDEA TO BRING A SNAKE TO THE PARK!? That's my first question. My second question is this - do you honestly expect one to stay leashed?

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The Naples Daily News out of Siox Falls reports, "Jerry Kimball was ticketed for "animals running at large" last week after a woman complained that his Fire Bee Ball Python was roaming freely at Falls Park in Sioux Falls." This cost him $190, and, side note: he plans to fight the ticket.

I'm not a fan of snakes to begin with, but holy crap dude this wasn't a good idea for SO MANY reasons.

Ofcourse a woman complained about this; snakes are terrifying as it is. Furthermore, I'm guessing this little guy was raised in captivity. It's not like he needed a walk, and something bad could've happened to him had he gone too far away. Lastly, I've got to echo everyone else here and ask, "how the hell do you leash a snake anyway?".... blows my mind. Any ideas?

If you wanted to bring your snake to the park (phrasing!), why not just hold it?