According to a new set of bills (which Minnesota lawmakers are only "considering" for now), you might have to pay if you're joking about your pet being a "service animal" or "therapy pet" soon.

We've all used this argument when we want to bring out pets somewhere, right? Heck, my mom claims her cat is her "therapy cat" just so she can keep it in her apartment. Her cat isn't actually registered through anything.

She lives in Pennsylvania. If she did this in Minnesota, she might have to pay $100 and know she's committed a petty misdemeanor for this misrepresentation, according to news brought to us by KTTC.

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If your pet is truly a "service animal", you can make sure they are properly registered here. You can categorize them as a "therapy dog", "service dog", or "emotional support dog" which all come with perks! Categorization is based on your ailment.

They'll receive a kit that proves they are registered, which will help you avoid this fine.

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