You'll never guess which one - or, maybe you will?

I don't think it's a huge secret that I specialize in metal from around the world. Okay, maybe specialize is too specific - I mean, I just really like metal from other countries. You probably do too.

This past weekend as I trekked back to my native Pittsburgh, my husband and I took in an Amorphis show. Don't know them? Here's a hit...

We've been fans for some time, and I was able to snap a few photos and video from the show, which I posted in Instagram.

Not only did Amorphis themselves like the photos and video, but Tomi Jousted (lead singer) himself liked them too!

Okay, I'm done being a geek for now...

Have you had any cool moments like this with a rockstar? The show was truly awesome, btw. Amorphis is in Minneapolis next week!

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