For people without a significant other, Valentine's Day can be a bit awkward. It feels just like any other day, except your News Feed is clogged with nonstop public displays of affection for 24 straight hours. Don't get me started on the barrage of all those cheesy diamond commercials on TV.

But to my fellow singles in Rochester, I'm here to share some incredible news:

Being single is actually better for you.

And I'm not just making that up, either. This is all according to SCIENCE. There are plenty of scientifically-backed reasons why going stag can actually be a healthier lifestyle for you:

1. Being single gives you space to think

2. Single people get more exercise and are in general healthier

3. Single people are better at keeping friends

4. Single people are better with money

5. Being single can mean being better at work

6. Being alone can be less stressful

7. Single people are more self-sufficient

This article takes a deeper dive into the science behind those reasons. So if V-Day left you feeling a bit bummed this year, hopefully this cheers you up. Here's to being single!





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