There are a LOT of people you'll meet when you're in Rochester, but I think you'll agree, a whole lotta us fit into one of these five groups...

The Lost in the Subway'ers

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  • The confused or frightened look, the beads of sweat, and a touch of frantic in their voice, the LitS's had a break from tests at the Charlton and just came down to find some chocolate and for the love of all that's holy, they followed the signs and ended up at the Kahler Hotel pool! They just want some chocolate! Help 'em out, friend. PS - IF you're the confused ones, don't worry. Look lost and someone will help you super fast.

The Mayo People

  • Don't fall for stereotypes! Some Mayo people look like the people in the picture, but even more dress like you and me and never see a patient. Over 30,000 people work for Mayo, and they're all amazing as hell.

The Nothing is Quite as Good Here as it is Back Home'ers

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  • You can't throw a stuffed kidney without hitting an awesome craft brewery in the RST, but these dough-heads will say, "Good? Yes, but not great, and back in __ there's a little place that I discovered..." Not limited to brews, everything just doesn't quite match up to their expectations. Which is fine. They'll brag about Rochester in the next town they live in.

The Won't Shut Up About it Winter Hater

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  • Most of us know what to expect from winter and we deal with it. You may grumble, you may dread the cold, but overall, you don't mention it darn near every single chance you get. The Winter Hater does. Every. Chance. Yep. It is cold, very cold. Yep, that's snow alright. This doesn't count when it snows after April. We all get kinda complainy then. 

The Lovers

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They're everywhere. Restaurants, sidewalks, everywhere! Lockin' lips and lascivious looks abound! Get a room already! (JK - Don't mind me, haven't smooched in a while and just miiiiight be a bit jeal)

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