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The rain was drizzly all morning, so around noon, I got in my car to see some fresh sights, and drove past Hollandberry Pannekoeken, Janky Gear, and the just-opened The Fit Loon on Broadway (where Nelson Cheese used to be).


I love seeing new businesses and so came back to work and looked 'em all up. I knew about Janky Gear because Jessica just wrote a story about the outdoor consignment shop. Hollandberry Pannekoeken has been there a bit, though I didn't have breakfast there until a couple of weeks ago.

So I knew those two, but what was The Fit Loon? Perusing their social media, they say,

 We make delicious Shakes & Energy Teas. that We are excited to help the Rochester Community boost energy, fuel a busy lifestyle, lose weight, maintain, or gain lean muscle! Stop in for a healthy snack, breakfast or lunch & GOOD VIBES


The Fit Loon Instagram (click for link)

Then I checked their Instagram, checked thru the comments, and was surprised to learn it's an Herbalife storefront.

The Fit Loon Instagram, click for link.

I could be mistaken, but I think this is the first MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) storefront to open in Rochester. MLM storefronts are a relatively new phenomenon in today's brick-and-mortar businesses. Traditionally, an MLM sells directly to the consumer via in-person sales. But over the past 5-10 years, their popularity has exploded.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, there are strict rules about selling Herbalife this way.

...(they) are not permitted to serve as official Herbalife franchises, retailers or restaurants...including barring salespeople from advertising that they offer Herbalife products and recommending club operators tint their windows.

I've spoken with people that have had negative interactions with such a store, getting a rude response when asking if they used Herbalife products. That is not the case here, as you can see by the Instagram interaction.

Are there other MLM storefronts in Southeastern Minnesota? If so, drop me a line and let me know. My contact info is a short scroll away.

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Is It A Big Part of Herbalife Sales?

The Columbus Dispatch spoke with  Humberto Calleja, Herbalife vice president for North America sales, events, and promotions,

Calleja said the nutrition clubs make up nearly 70% of the company’s annual global sales, which were $5.5 billion in 2020. More than 70,000 clubs exist globally, with 9,900 of them in the United States. Herbalife trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

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