Some of my biggest fears in life are snakes, and classrooms.... combine the both of them and you can file that under "nope!" for me!

Inside Indonesia's Snake Slaughter House
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A high school classroom in South Carolina has been shutdown for the next ten days or so, to exterminate snakes that keep finding their way in through cracks in the wall. UPI explains, "Ware Shoals School District 51 Superintendent Fay Sprouse said the classroom at Ware Shoals High School is being kept out of use after four snakes were found inside the room and one was found in an adjoining hallway within a 10-day period." Yeah, that's a big nope for me!

Thankfully these snakes aren't poisonous, they're the kind you'd find in your yard. They're mostly Gardner and rat snakes. If you see them, just move them. If you don't like snakes, I feel ya! Find someone else to do it. I don't like to believe this, but it is the truth, they're more afraid of you than you are of them.

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