With the release of Dark Phoenix, Fox’s X-Men series concludes after almost 20 years and a dozen movies. (Sort of. Technically, there’s still a New Mutants film set to come out in 2020. But it’s been delayed so many times already, we’ve begun wondering if the whole thing is an elaborate ruse being played on us by an all-powerful mutant illusionist.) Written and directed by Simon Kinberg, Dark Phoenix is a second attempt at adapting the classic X-Men storyline “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” this time with the franchise’s second, younger cast, including James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

With Disney’s purchase of Fox, Marvel regained control of the movie rights to the X-Men, and will almost certainly put its own spin on the world’s most famous mutants in a few year’s time. So this is the perfect opportunity to look back at the franchise as a whole and see how it holds up. And on the whole: Not bad! Certainly there were some clunkers along the way. (What’s up, X-Men Origins: Wolverine!) But it’s also clear why these movies made such a huge impact on Hollywood and how the movie studios looked at comic-book characters. When they were good, they were really good.

So as we begin to say farewell to the first generation (and First Class) of movie X-Men, let’s see how they fare by ranking them all, from worst to first.