The act of titling a sequel is fraught with peril. Do you go with just the number? Or how about a Roman numeral? Do you try for the ‘Part 2’ thing? That can come off as a little pretentious. Do you just add an ‘s’ to the original title? (Are you adding multiple versions of the title character? That helps.) Do you just eliminate half the title? Do you change the title completely? Or do you dare try for ... a subtitle?

A really great subtitle can help differentiate a sequel from its predecessor, and hype the return of a beloved franchise. But a bad subtitle can swiftly become a joke, and a shorthand for bankrupt Hollywood filmmaking. Some bad subtitles have long since outlived the movies they were appended to. When was the last time you watched Breakin’ 2? When was the last time you said the phrase “Electric Boogaloo”? I’m guessing the latter happened more more recently than the former. (I mean, I watched Breakin’ 2 about six months ago, but I’m insane.)

And so the time has come at last to measure, sort, rank, and honor the dumbest, silliest, goofiest, and weirdest sequel subtitles of all time. These are listed in ascending order, as chosen by a panel of over 300 movie experts, who spent more than a year weighing and debating candidates. (Okay, it was just me, and I spent a couple hours. But I took this very seriously.) You may agree or disagree with some of the choices, or in their particular order. But remember: This list is definitive. It is factually and objectively correct. So you are wrong.

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