Millennials often get a bad rap these days. It’s not unusual for me to scroll through my Facebook feed and see several different headlines like “Why Millennials Are Killing The X Industry!” And while some of that scorn is arguably deserved – I am so ready for the words “bae” and “YAAAAS” to be buried six feet under the ground ASAP – much of it tends to be overblown, in my opinion. There are plenty of reasons why Millennials actually rock, and a new report seems to back that up.

According to a new survey, most 18 to 24-year-olds make an average donation of $42 over the holidays (considering their massive student loan debt, this is impressive). 44 percent said they would give up using their smartphone in December if that meant it would raise money for one of their favorite charities. Only about a third of other age groups said they would do the same thing.

They’re even pretty savvy, too. Over half of millennials will do some basic research on the charity of their choosing before donating to it, making sure their donation will be used effectively. Among seniors 75 and older, that number drops to 29 percent.

This is just a small sample, and again, there are plenty of reasons to find the younger generation annoying. But maybe this proves that some parents are doing something right with their kids. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go help destroy the napkin industry.

Credit: WCCO


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