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After an hour or so of Facebook searching, last week I stumbled upon Cymothoa out of the Cities. They describe themselves best by explaining, "Three Guys - No Meaning - Just Riffs."

Cymothoa FB Page
Cymothoa FB Page

Their influences describe their sound perfectly too. They love Mastodon, Burnt by the Sun, Burst, Intronaut, Disembodied, Faith No More, Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan, Radiohead, Revocation, and Clutch.

It doesn't hurt that they've got a pretty wicked sense of style too! I'm not just talking about the insane artwork they use either... get a load of this piece of merch!

For more on how Cymothoa sounds, you'll want to click below. Cymothoa is Justin Boehne - Bass, Jef Ries- Guitar, and Tony Lendt - Drums. That's right, they are entirely instrumental.

I like seeing that these guys are South Park fans too! (See "Man Bear Pig"!)

They have a huge CD release party coming up in Minneapolis at Lee's Liquor Lounge on June 30th. In fact, the CD's are already in! Destination Exile is expected to be pretty damn heavy.

That's all for this week! Let me know if there's a Minnesota metal band who deserves some recognition! We'll be happy to feature them in an upcoming blog. Hit me up here.

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