Apparently it set off a few people's units. In order to "wake up" your Google Home unit, you have to say, "Okay Google..." followed by whatever you want it to do. So, in the commercial, the girl says, "Okay Google, turn on the hallway lights." Someone else is looking for a recipe and another guy is asking Google Home to turn up the music.

With ours, nothing happened. Probably because we didn't have the sound turned up loud enough for it to pick it up. But some people say theirs went "bonkers."

I can see why, as they keep saying "Okay Google."


Anyway, if you don't have one, they're really pretty cool. Though you have to buy wifi enabled lights, you can turn them on just by telling Google Home. It will also play music from YouTube, Spotify etc. You just say, "Okay Google, Play Godsmack." It will even play trivia with, I believe up to 5 people. Asking you questions and keeping score. Apparently more features are coming soon. Certainly worth the $129-149


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