I'm just saying... I think he, and his quote, should be.

Last week, I was elated to learn that Mastodon has a new album coming out! To spread the words, each of the guys made their own video showing how they "prepared" for the studio time.

My personal favorite: definitely Troy's video. It's so good it NEEDS TO BE A MEME! Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch this.

HILARIOUS! I'm hereby suggesting that this video is so good, one line in particular needs to be a meme.

TSM Rochester

Yep! You probably already guessed it. I think "horse shades" officially needs to be a meme. Think about it! It's motivational! I've got it posted at my desk, and I laugh every time I see it - but it seriously does remind me to focus on whatever I was doing beforehand.

What do you think? Should this be the next viral meme? It's certainly better than this nonsense...


By the way, Mastodon's new album is called Emperor of Sand, and it's out on March 31st. Two singles have already been released, and their badass - especially "Show Yourself" it's a different flavor for them, but a good one.

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