If you've ever heard me talking on the radio, you already know that I'm not a huge fan of cooking or baking.  I have zero joy creating anything in the kitchen...other than coffee. ☕ But, I'm a mom with three kids and they LOVE celebrating with yummy cake and cupcakes for their birthdays and thankfully, Rochester has a ton of bakeries to help me out.  I just stumbled across a new place though and wanted to make sure all the moms out there know about this new spot too.

Your Butter Half Bakery

ICYMI - Your Butter Half Bakery is now open in Rochester, Minnesota

For some reason, Facebook wants me to know about all of the bakeries in the area so that is what is showing up in my newsfeed.  But one that I scrolled past is a place I didn't recognize.  It had the name "Your Butter Half Bakery" and said it was in Rochester.  Here's what I found out about this new(er) spot in town.

  • Owner of Your Butter Half Bakery - Joy
  • This is a cottage food producer in Northwest Rochester
  • It was started as a hobby in the midst of COVID back in February of 2021 and has quickly grown into something Joy really loves doing.  She took the plunge and got her cottage food license.
  • If you are in need of some cupcakes, cakes or other sweet treats, reach out to Joy on the Your Butter Half Bakery Facebook page here.
Brittany Betancourt

"It's never too late to follow your dreams." - Joy, owner of Your Butter Half Bakery

Your Butter Half Bakery
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