Chuck Berry's influence was so immense, reminiscent of the epitaph for Sir Christopher Wren: "If you seek my monument, look around you."

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Ted Nugent, in an unscripted Facebook Video paid tribute to thee 'TITAN' of Rock & Roll guitar late Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, it's going VIRAL! Here are Ted's remarks from his Facebook page:

Ted Nugent: If ever there was an end of a monumental era in the history of mankind it happened today with the death of Chuck Berry.
No one deserves the title of creator, founding father, Godfather, genius and wizard of rock 'n' roll more than his Majesty Chuck Berry. Being
so fortunate to be born in 1948 soon after Les Paul electrified the guitar, it was Chuck Berry that showed us the ultimate application to a
musical energy and uppity spirit like never before. Thank God I was bodyslammed by this new music and heard my calling loud and clear.
There is not a guitar player in the history of the instrument that doesn't owe Chuck everything for guiding us into that lyrical, grinding cadence
of his honky-tonk gone wild and the unprecedented rhythm of his lyrics and singing style. I ascended the mountaintop of rock 'n' roll when I was
privileged to play bass guitar for Chuck in 1969. His spirit will be with me every time every day when I play my guitar.
Godspeed rock 'n' roll BloodBrother. RockIn!


Dr. Carl Sagan 'nailed-it' with this decision!
The Voyager Interstellar Record - Johnny B Goode Chuck Berry

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