A few years ago, our friends at Merchant Automotive made us an official Dumber Than The Show coin, which we use every week at the beginning of the trivia game. The coin is also now used whenever a listener wants to let the coin decide a major decision in their life. It's made out of a six-inch diameter chunk of solid aluminum and is about 3/8" thick, anodized black and laser engraved!

Well, like the U.S. Mint, every now and then we take the coin out of circulation to replace it with a newer model. So a few weeks ago, Merchant contacted us to show us their idea for the new "heads" side of the coin and wanted our input for the "tails" side. Since the picture below was taken before Justin joined the show, we wanted to include him somehow. So we gave him the entire "tails" side all to himself! We think they nailed it.

HEADS (Free Beer & Hot Wings)
TAILS (Free Beer & Hot Wings)