I saw it over Thanksgiving Break, and I just couldn't look away.To be honest, I laughed at first! I laughed at the prospect of someone actually taking their time to spraypaint under the 37th St. NW bridge, declaring "Don't break the law" when ironically - they did just that.

Friends, I've gotta tell you - I admire graffiti. It can be artistic. However, we've got some weird graffiti going on in Rochester.

I was able to find all of these pieces of "art" along the Riverview Trail in NW Rochester.

We took the trail as far as Foster Arend Park (including under the 37th St bridge), and all the way to where West River Parkway intersects with Elton Hills Drive.

It seems to me that when it comes to graffiti, Rochester gets pretty philosophical - and just plain silly.

Have you guys seen these too?

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