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The new foods and drinks for the 2021 Minnesota State Fair were just announced earlier this week. As we were all probably expecting some of the foods are a little... wild. But one celebrity chef, Andrew Zimmern, criticized many of the new state fair foods calling them 'gimmicks'.

Some of the new foods include a juicy lucy pizza, a banh minn bowl (a take on a banh mi bowl), and sashimi tuna tacos. The sashimi tacos were one of the foods that Andrew Zimmern did not seem impressed with. I have to agree with him on this one because, in case you don't know, sashimi is fresh raw fish or meat. Now think about eating that out at the hot Minnesota State Fair. Yeah, that's one I won't try.

One Tweet from Andrew Zimmern says that he could come up with a list of simple, delicious foods that would be amped up a little to make it more fun (like you'd want at a fair). "[We] don't need gimmicks", he writes in the Tweet.

What do you think? Would you agree with Andrew Zimmern that these fair foods are gimmicks? I half agree with him. Some of the new foods make it seem like they were trying too hard to come up with something... well... gimmicky. But some of the new foods I'm pumped about and aren't gimmicky!

Andrew Zimmern seems to agree that there are some foods that sound great that are on the list of new state fair foods. He specifically says he's interested in the banh minn bowl, the Italian sausage juicy lucy, and the Kerala fried chicken.

If you haven't seen the list of all of the new state fair foods this year, keep scrolling to check them out!

New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

WARNING: Drooling may occur while viewing these food photos. The great Minnesota get-together is back in 2021 and this year, they are already teasing our taste buds with photos of all the new foods that will be offered at the Minnesota State Fair. If you are ready to have your stomach growl, scroll through the pics below.

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