We all know that the road construction in Rochester is a bit of a mess.  Actually, the word "mess" might be an understatement.  Because our town has many visitors each day due to Mayo Clinic, I started to wonder "Is Google Maps keeping up with all the downtown road construction in Rochester?".

Google Maps

Since the Y105FM studio is smack dab in the middle of all the construction, I did a test with Google Maps to see if it would be able to get me home.  My goal was just to get from the Townsquare Media building to Silver Lake Foods in NE Rochester.  So, did it get me home safely?

I did the whole "Ok, Google" and you can watch my Facebook Live video to find out what happened next.  (click here or view below)

My experience though got me thinking a bit more on how inconvenient these multiple "under construction" streets are for those visiting.  So, I decided to see if I could get to one of the main buildings in Rochester that visitors go...St. Mary's Hospital.  I could walk there from the Townsquare Media building but right now, there are no sidewalks or crosswalks from our side of 4th Street SW to the other side of 4th Street SW...so I'll just let Google Maps take me there and I will try to drive.

Google Maps

Big mistake.  Google Maps doesn't seem to be updated with all of the roads that are under construction - including 4th Street SW that has been closed for a few weeks now.  The directions that Google Maps is providing are on roads that I can't even walk through at the moment...so a car is definitely out of the question.  I did try to drive to St. Mary's with the help of Google Maps but to be honest, it was very frustrating to hear that I was supposed to "turn right on _____" but not be able to because of an intersection or another road that was closed.

To all of our visitors coming to Rochester, thank you for your patience as you try to navigate our roads.  Just so you know, we are trying too.

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