You know, when someone threatens you with death, you can take actions against that person and possibly have them arrested...unless it's on the Internet. Brandon Bostick is the Green Bay Packers tight end who tried to catch the Seahawks' onside kick in this weekend's NFC Championship game. We all know the outcome of that.

He was SUPPOSED to block and let Jordy Nelson catch the ball. If that happens, game over. Packers win and go on to the Super Bowl.

But he didn't. Because he's human. We ALL make mistakes. That wasn't the only mistake the Packers made yesterday. There were plenty.

No matter what happened, the guy didn't deserve death threats! But that's what happened. Many disgruntled fans took to Twitter to actually threaten Bostick with death. Over a football game. I'll say that again. Over a football game.

I did my share of bitching about the game, believe me. I am pretty sure my neighbors were ready to call the cops. But no matter how upset I got, I would never wish death on anybody. Especially on a guy playing football who just happened to make a mistake. That's not being a fan. That's just being an a**hole.

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