If you're a true Alice In Chains fan you need to watch this video; all 1hr 5min of it. Truly a GEM! OK, if you can't watch the whole video right now, at least watch the 1st 2 songs!

Some of you have heard my story of when I was able to see AIC perform LIVE at the Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee in '93, and the ONLY time I've seen Layne Staley perform. It's the show I like to call 'The Cargo Net Show'. To this day, one of the most outrageous performances I have ever seen, literally, out of HUNDREDS of shows. This VIDEO was shot in Detroit, but for all practical purposes, it was the same time frame & tour. WATCH WHAT HAPPENS right after the 1st song, NUTSHELL. ENJOY!

-'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends

Thanks to the Bootleg Cowboys , You Tube, & 'fromthenosebleeds' for the kick-ass video!

Alice In Chains - State Theater, Detroit, MI 9 29 93
NOTE: if you arrive at YouTube use the handy NAV FEATURE that someone posted a bit down the page. (it looks like links below)

0:00 Nutshell 4:25 Dam That River(debut of the Cargo Net!) 7:20 Them Bones 9:40 We Die Young 12:22 Junkhead 17:22 Godsmack 21:30 Angry Chair 25:50 Man In The Box 30:35 Hate To Feel 36:39 Bleed The Freak 41:30 A Little Bitter 45:25 Rain When I DieEncore: 54:10 Rooster 1:00:58 Would?


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