Now that the snow is (hopefully) melting for the season, it's that exciting time of the year where we can finally be outside and remember what sunlight feels like. We'll no doubt be seeing tons of bikes and cyclists everywhere. Don't have a bike yourself? No problem! The city of Rochester has your back.

As of May 1st, Rochester has officially launched its new Bike Sharing Program, where members of the community can check out bikes for the price of...

...wait for it...


That's right, you can now check out Rochester's 100+ miles of paved trails after renting a bike at one of three Bike Sharing locations throughout town. You just need to sign a waiver and check-out form, then you're good to go. Helmets are also available at each location:

- Rochester Public Library
- Peace Plaza
- Rochester City Hall

Rochester Bike Sharing
Credit: City of Rochester

Even cooler? You can also rent a new electric cargo bike as well, which would be pretty convenient for treks to and from the grocery store. Either way, this is a great option if you're looking to save on gas this summer. The Bike Sharing Program is available through mid-October.

For more info on Rochester's new bike sharing program, head here.

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