This is metal. And also oddly satisfying to watch. If you work in an office, one of the most under-the-radar fun tasks is getting to use the company paper shredder. There's just something about getting to easily and casually annihilate a few sheets of paper. It's like a more violent version of bubble wrap. I sometimes pretend that I'm a CEO or government official destroying sensitive documents before the feds arrive to arrest me. It's fun.

So I can't imagine how much fun this dude must have had getting to ERADICATE this white van with a high-powered industrial shredder. Seriously, just watch this. It's like that one episode of Breaking Bad:

I would pay at least $5 to get to do that. One of my favorite parts about this video is when the fact pops up that this shredder has a 768 horse power engine. So basically, consider this your official confirmation that it takes 768 horses to destroy a van.

Credit: Pioneer Press via The Weather Channel

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