I can't believe I'm reading this garbage right now.

Not even 48 hours after suffering the worst loss of the season, a few Vikings "fans" are premeditating something awful on a closed Facebook event page:

Credit: Crossing Broad via Facebook
Credit: Crossing Broad via Facebook

According to Crossing Broad's website, here’s the entire description of the event:

We are rallying and tossing stuff at anyone with anything eagles on too show them the same hospitality they showed our fans and team in philly “skol” got a lot of unneeded junk sitting at your house ? stop by with it and toss stuff until your hearts content , we will be giving prizes to the person with the most bullseyes as well as throwing purple paint bombs , to make there ugly feathery turquoise jerseys the right color 😈😈 dress in full Vikings gear All you need is some folding chairs a cooler with beer and a good arm SKOLLLL! This is our city

So let me get this straight: Not only are we going to bitch and complain about how our team "failed us" on Sunday and how we were treated in enemy territory, but now a select group of Vikings fans are going to partake in this thuggish and immature activity? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we just get done preaching on how we're the better fan base because we don't act like this?


I'm as irritated as the next Vikings fan about how the season ended. I'm especially disgusted at the level of disrespect they showed poor Millie Wall after the game, but to turn around and stoop to this level of moronic hatred is completely dumb and unnecessary!

It's my hope we show the Philly faithful what "Minnesota Nice" is all about while they're here, watch as their favorite team gets stomped by Tom Brady that Sunday night, then gleefully whisk them out of town as members of the "Zero Super Bowl Victories" fan club that I currently belong in.

THAT, would be the best outcome in my book. And better than any revenge these Facebook idiots have up their sleeve, or stashed away in their coolers...

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