Here’s a fun fact about myself: I have never been called in for jury duty. I know a lot of people who have, but I have so far lucked out. No complaints, either. But it turns out that if I ever get that fateful call, I might want to be a little suspicious. Here’s why.

According to the Mason City Police department, they’ve heard several complaints from people who have received bogus phone calls threatening them for supposedly missing jury duty. These scammers will claim to be a deputy or U.S. Marshal and threaten the victim with an arrest warrant for missing jury duty – unless a payment is made. There it is. It should also be noted that these scams are sometimes delivered through e-mail, too.

Here’s the takeaway: if someone who claims to be in law enforcement threatens you with legal action unless you pay them immediately, it’s a scam. Marshals won’t call you about jury duty, and they won’t demand payment. You can read more about this particular type of scam here.

Source: KTTC

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