Is it just me, or does the fanny pack get a bad rap? One of my dirty little secrets is that I’m the proud owner of a fanny pack. Sure, it’s definitely not the trendiest thing in the world, but it does have a holster for beer. I think they make a lot of practical sense. It’s a great way to store your keys and other stuff, keep your pockets free, maybe have an emergency sandwich on-hand at all times, and obviously, impress the ladies. Judge all you want, but my fanny pack really came in handy last summer when I was at the Minnesota State Fair.

Oh, that’s right. Fanny packs ain’t just for your waist anymore, because Fanny Pack Sandals (or “slides”) are officially a thing. And I have to be honest – not that bad of an idea. Seriously. They seem like the perfect thing to wear when you’re going to a swimming pool or the lakes this summer. Is it just me?

If they’re $30 or less, I’m in.

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