THIS IS CRAZY.Earlier today, I was discussing this story and wondering how someone got pleasure in destroying someone else's property.

Unfortunately, a similar incident may have happened again in Northwest Rochester. Almost in the same area, on 55th Street this time. A listener, Clay, reached out to me, and told me that his wife experienced something similar involving their SUV. It happened while she was working at the nearby Walmart.

Take a look at what happened....

Authorities are investigating this, and according to Clay, his wife was told the two incidents might be linked. Furthermore, Clay has a theory that a pellet gun was the culprit.

Clay explained he was just glad no one was hurt, and that "my kids were not in there." We are too! Clay added, "Now I get the joys of fixing it, but it's just a car." Again, at least it wasn't worse!

This leads me to ask, is someone doing this intentionally in Northwest Rochester? If so, why? In the meantime, do you know more about these incidents? If so reach out to Rochester Police, or call them at 507-328-6800.

UPDATE 6:14AM ON 4/6/17: We've been told that this act was likely a random one, and not definitely linked to the previously mentioned story. Details are still being investigated.

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