Truly terrifying, and I wish this weren't true. The Albert Lea Police Department made a scary announcement last night.

I've had minor panic attacks when my wallet was lost, but I can't imagine how I, or anyone, would feel if their wallet was truly stolen.

As scary as it is, The Albert Lea PD announced a necessary warning to the community.

In case you missed it, they posted on Facebook that, they are searching for suspects involved in multiple vehicle break-ins throughout Albert Lea. Even scarier is that most of these incidents happened yesterday.

If you live in Albert Lea, it's probably a good idea to keep your valuables with you, and refrain from leaving them in your car.

In the event you see the car in question, or notice that your valuables are stolen. Notify Albert Lea PD immediately. Based on the description, it looks like you have a chance of hearing or seeing this car if it's in your neighborhood.

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