Dust off your pipes because your chance to audition for American Idol is here! 

On Wednesday, August 25th virtual auditions will take place over Zoom. 

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How Do Virtual Auditions Work?

When registering, aspiring musicians will select a window of time. Once your time comes on Wednesday, you will click your virtual audition link (sent to you in a confirmation email). Upon clicking the link, singers will be entered into a waiting room. Shortly after, a producer will pull you into an "audition room."

American Idol alum Anilee List and Andrea Valles will join Minnesotans in the waiting room for a Q&A, auditioning tips, and more.

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This is what the waiting room will look like.

attachment-Screenshot 2021-08-19 084909

And this is what the personal audition room will look like.

The vocalist should expect to sing two-three songs in the initial portion of the process. If called back to audition further, the singer may have to sing two songs a cappella, one of which may be from a list provided by a producer.

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Singers can also submit an online video if preferred. 

What Happens After The Virtual Audition?

After you sing, producers will provide constructive feedback. Unfortunately, you won't discover if you move onto the next step of the process at this time.

Once this is completed, singers will leave the meeting room.

Vocalists must be born between June 2, 1992, and September 15, 2006 to audition. For other eligibility requirements, head here.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie are this season's judges.

Let's see some Minnesotans devour the competition!

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