There's definitely a draw to abandoned properties like this one lost in the Maine woods. We, simple-minded humans, are ever curious. We can't help but wonder what was the history of this home? If the walls could talk, what could they say? Some keep the curiosity at bay by scrolling Facebook pages like Abandoned Maine or Abandonment of Maine. Others are more hungry for information seeking out abandoned homes and fascinating real estate in their spare time.

JshLnsctt via YouTube

Youtuber and Redditor JshLnsctt stumbled upon a property in the quiet woods of Maine that is dubbed, "Alien House". One Reddit commenter stated it was located on Beer Can Alley in Bristol.

It's easy to see the vision the owners/builders had for this property. Both buildings on the property are super unique and had so much potential. It's impossible not to wonder what happened. Especially after so much was completed.

JshLnsctt via YouTube

Now the abandoned buildings filled with snow, spray paint, broken glass, and rusting appliances.

It's easy to see why it's being called Alien House with the unique architecture and stairway to heaven...or the mothership.

JshLnsctt via YouTube

We may never know what actually happened at this property but if there ever were a place in Midcoast Maine for Aliens to call home, I think this would be it.

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