A man on Reddit claims that after he was let go from his company, they began demanding he pay them about $1,100.

According to the Reddit user, his former employer explicitly told him he could take his lunches and other breaks at the end of his shifts and leave early, if he wanted to. However, their tune apparently changed after they fired him.

"I was told I could take my lunches and breaks at the end of the day and leave early. Eventually I was fired without notice for logging hours without working," he wrote via Reddit.

After he was canned, his former employer allegedly reached out to him and asked him to "pay back all the money they say they paid" him while he "wasn't working," a.k.a while he was taking his breaks.

"They’re saying that instead of suing me/reporting me to the police they just want me to pay $1,117 dollars. I was not the only person fired under the exact same circumstances. She left at the same time as me everyday and is not being asked to repay anything," the man continued.

He also noted that when he asked "for the specific hours," they "threatened to take legal action" against him if he asked for "any other information."

The man added that he "can't afford to pay" them back at the moment, and "can't afford a lawyer" either.

In the comments section, Reddit users were baffled by the company's request, with many offering up suggestions on how the man should proceed.

"Tell them you can no longer speak to them since they are threatening you with legal action and you’ll have your lawyer respond when they file the suit," one person wrote.

"Contact your Dept. of Labor and notify them of the situation. An audit of the company hours and wages will most likely trigger a fine," another recommended.

"Stop talking with your former employer immediately. Do not answer calls. Do not respond to messages. Just ignore them. Do not respond to mail. Do not put anything in writing. IF (and this is a big if) you receive any legal papers, that’s when you contact an attorney. Until then, ignore them. If you are truly nervous, get a consultation from an employment lawyer. But do not commit to anything or put anything in writing," someone else commented.

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