McDonald's is adding a bunch of bacon to their menu and what's doing something like that if you don't make a lot of noise about it? Next week, you can add bacon to ANYTHING you order and it will be free.

F-Are-Double-E FREE!

The Bacon Queen Approves
The Bacon Queen Approves

There's no magic word to use, no special handshake, no app you have to show. Just go to a McDonalds on Tuesday the 29th between Next Tuesday, from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. and say, "With bacon." Or, "Let's add some bacon to that." Or even, "Bacon Me!" Then you'll get one slice of their applewood smoked bacon (one slice per customer).

The bacon slice will come in two pieces, which means you could order two things and use half on one, half on the other.

  • Maybe a Filet o'Fish and a strawberry shake. Then, a half strip on the sammich and a half strip, crumbled up in the shake. Gives you the perfect salty and sweet combo. Oh, no no no...I have it!
  • Check it out, the PERFECT order...a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Strawberry Sundae, Slip 1/2 the bacon between the beef patties on the sammich, and use the other slice of bacon as a spoon for the sundae! *

You'll notice I suggest an order that includes a strawberry desert...that's because there is almost no food pairing that tastes better than strawberries and bacon. It is simply outrageous how good those two are together.


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*Obviously, you can order a breakfast item, too...but...why?

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