For some reason, I find strange abandoned things interesting. There oftentimes is a compelling backstory especially if that abandoned something is large and potentially valuable. That's the case with a jet airplane that a guy found abandoned in the Illinois woods.

Before I share what I've learned about the history of this plane, check out this dude's investigation of a jet in the woods.

I looked up the plane's N111RZ tail markings. Plane Logger details an interesting history of this plane's creation to where it is now. It was built and delivered to American Airlines on January 22, 1966. Back in that era, this small jet would have been quite the performer. 9 years later in 1975, it looks like it went to a leasing company. Rotec Industries took possession of the plane in 1997 and the site indicates it was "stored" on December 8, 1998.

Pacific American Airlines looks like it had this plane as a part of its fleet in 1977.

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The FAA website indicates this is a BAC One-Eleven that was built in 1965 which confirms the likely 1966 delivery is spot-on correct.

One comment on YouTube indicated that what appeared to be broken wings was likely to show that the wings were cut off to make its final transport to this wooded location easier.

The exact location of the plane isn't provided by the YouTube guy, but based on the FAA and Plane Logger websites, the likely burial ground for this plane is either Gilberts or Elmhurst, Illinois.

Imagine all of the destinations around the world this plane likely saw back in the 1960's and 1970's before its final resting place...abandoned in the Illinois wilderness.

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