I don't know how they did it. I don't know who is part of this project. Whoever did it is awesome.

You probably haven't heard of Fires Of Denmark. Hell, I had no idea who they were until maybe two weeks ago when I saw a bit of chatter about them online.  Here's what we do know about them.

  • They're from Rochester.
  • This is strictly a Rochester music project.
  • Whoever is in this project follows me on Facebook, and may even have met me in person before.

Exhibit A:

While I'm busy figuring out the mystery of who sent this to me, I'll get to the point of this blog... THIS IS AN AMAZING ROCHESTER COLLECTION.

You see, Fires of Denmark (or whoever is part of it) collected sounds of Rochester and meshed them with instruments. No voices. They explain, "Blending genres of chillwave, alt-rock, and folk, this 30-minute piece is a time capsule of one weekend in Rochester on June of 2017. All songs were recorded minutes after being written and all video created in the same sitting with the exception of Synthetic Appreciation."

The album, 2H007, is out today. Click here to listen to what Rochester sounds like!

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