You know what’s usually pretty fun? Drinking beer! You know what’s usually not that fun if you don’t do it all the time? Working out! You know what could make working out more fun? Drinking beer!

That’s why I’d like to start a formal petition to the local breweries and/or bars in Rochester, because this is an amazing idea. I randomly came across an event that a brewery in Idaho is doing next week called KegFit. What is a KegFit, you may ask? The event page describes it thusly:

A workout, using empty kegs, designed to give those at any fitness level a great workout. Entry is ONLY $8 and includes a beer after the workout!

I mean…what’s not to love about that? I, for one, would jump at the opportunity to impress the ladies of Rochester by lifting an empty keg over my head (I would not be able to do it, and no one would be impressed). Plus, a post-workout beer! All for just $8! That's what a lot of craft brews cost anyway, minus the lifting!

Come on, Any Rochester Brewery. Let’s DO THIS. KegFit needs to come to Rochester. I would pay $8 for that. We’ve already combined wine and yoga, for cryin’ out loud!

Source: Meetup

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