The Twitter-verse has generated quite a bit of vitriol over the years and much of it has been directed straight at musicians. Music fans are a passionate bunch, especially when it comes to defending or deflating bands, and it's the latter practice that has become the basis for one of the more popular Jimmy Kimmel Live segments -- "Mean Tweets."

Kimmel has involved actors, actresses and sports figures reading off some of the most horrible things written about them on the Internet and then gauging their reactions for fun. And the latest "Mean Tweets" edition centered on musicians, ranging from Fall Out Boy to Ludacris to Meaghan Trainor. But there are also a few rockers thrown in for good measure.

Alice Cooper is one of the first to turn up in the segment, reading off, "Watching Alice Cooper and all I can think is that he looks like a ball sack with face paint on." The nonplussed musician responded with a shrug, saying, "Eh, that's fair."

Blink-182 read off their slam, “Like honestly saying Blink-182 is your favorite band is like saying I’m okay living with herpes," but could only laugh it off.

Green Day may have had the best response of all. When one Twitter user suggested, “I left more talent in my toilet bowl this morning than Green Day has ever had. Green Day sucks dick," Tre Cool offered, “I’m glad that you’re thinking about us while you’re taking dumps. We’re doing something right." Billie Joe Armstrong then responded, "We’ll think about you while we’re sucking dick.”

Watch the full Jimmy Kimmel Live "Mean Tweets" segment in the player above.

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