Have you been hit by this summer’s invasion of the Japanese beetle?

A growing number of Rochester area residents are finding large numbers of the marauders feasting on their plants, summer blooms and garden goodies.

For some, it’s the first encounter with the destructive pests while others have been battling them for years. For some reason, it seems they are showing up in parts of Rochester where they were absent - or at least not noticeable - in recent years.

Most experts recommend dealing with them sooner than later.

There are numerous ways to do this, from hand-to-hand combat to traps. And experts also recommend watching your lawn, because that’s where they lay eggs and the grubs that hatch can also be very destructive to the grass. And then, they become adults and go after your plants and the cycle starts all over again!  

Check here for info from the Univ of Minnesota.  The Farmers Almanac also has some useful information.