Cars: Awesome. Manly. Necessary.

Car Repairs: Not awesome. A pain. Sometimes expensive. Unfortunately necessary.

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We’ve all been there. An unexpected issue with your vehicle pops up, and you grit your teeth when you have to take it in for repairs. You grimace while waiting for the final bill, just hoping it’s not too bad.

The (sort of) good news? Considering you live in Minnesota, it could be a lot worse.

That’s according to a new study from CarMD, who just released their 2017 State Repair Cost Rankings. In a list where #1 is the most expensive and #51 is the least expensive (they included Washington, D.C), Minnesota ranked #41. All things considered, that’s not too bad – even though Wisconsin is sitting pretty at #49. Even better, Minnesota was previously ranked #35 in 2015, so it’s nice to see that auto repairs are more affordable than they have been.

This list takes different expenses into account, like cost of parts, labor, and average total car repair cost. Connecticut is the state with the most expensive car repairs, while Michigan has the cheapest.

You can take a look at the full list here. This probably won’t make me stop from cursing when I have issues with my car, but it’s nice to know that I live in a state where I won’t be paying up the nose.

Credit: CarMD

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