I can see it but I don't want it to be that way.

What I'm saying is driving through our dear old state kinda sorta sucks. Especially if you're going from the north like in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or one of the Dakotas and are headed to somewhere warm and tropical, for instance, Florida.

Personally, I fly to destinations like Florida because as a father of three the last thing I need is to argue with my kids for 15-16 hours in the car.

Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky on Unsplash
Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky on Unsplash

Then again, maybe driving straight through Illinois, north to south, is just as bad or even worse.

Jalaopnik put together a list of the worst states in America to drive through on a summer vacation road trip and they most certainly called out The Land of Lincoln.

North/South specifically as it is a long flat boring slog once past the few hills in the South. Last time we went through that way it was like the deer there had committed mass suicide via Freightliner from boredom.

Hard to disagree with that summation of what it's like to drive through Illinois, especially in the middle of the summer when it's hot and everything looks all burned and dead.

Not to mention all the deer carcasses on the side of the road.

Then again, it's not like a cruise from top to bottom in Illinois during the winter is any better.


So now that the spotlight has been shone on Illinois as a pretty disgusting state to drive through during the summer, I think my reasoning for always wanting to fly to my summer vacation destination may have more to do with the sights and pure boredom my own state has to offer than the fact that I can't drive that far in the car with the kids.

What about you? Do you drive or fly when it comes to summer fun and if so, is driving through Illinois as bad as Jalopnik makes it seem?

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