Let's be real, it's not like you need these reasons to go, but...

If we can twist your arm, why not? By now, you've heard that TOOL is indeed coming to Minnesota. That's right, kids! Mark your calendars for June 9th at Xcel Energy Center.

This is a once in a lifetime show, if you haven't been before. Trust me. They were amazing last year in St. Louis! Here's five reasons you need to see TOOL, and what you should know about the show.


1. You don't know what Maynard will be wearing.

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When I saw them, it was a Darth Vader costume! Dude just doesn't quit. Who knows what it will be this time.



I mean, duh.


3. You might not get to take photos or video.

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In St. Louis, TOOL had a strict "no recording" policy. Ushers actually enforced this too. Just a heads up, you might not get to tape the show. Do we really care about that though? You are watching TOOL after all!


4. Tickets go on sale Friday.

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Hold onto that ticket stub, because this will be historic. Tickets for the show go on sale Friday at 11AM.


5. There's a four ticket limit when it comes to purchases.

I know, I know. (*insert sad trombone*). This is according to Xcel Energy Center.


Be prepared for a night to remember! Keep it right here on ZROCK for all of your TOOL updates!