Every weekday at noon, we do what's called our "newner"... get your mind out of the gutter! We're simply playing new music at that time.

Val loves premiering new tunes for you. Here's what she picked this week.


  • 1

    Mastodon - "Steambreather"

    If you don't have this single, you should. This is the fourth release from Mastodon's Emperor Of Sand.

    Val could not love this album more!

  • 2

    The Unlikely Candidates - "Violence"

    These guys are an indie rock band from Texas that formed in 2008. Don't let the "indie" label fool you, this track is pretty damn heavy.

  • 3

    Prophets Of Rage - "Living On The 110"

    Prophets Of Rage don't need much of an intro. In fact, it seems odd to even call them "new" because the band consists of legends in both the rock and rap world.

    This week, they released this new single.

  • 4

    Arkells - "Knocking At The Door"

    It's taken over ten years for these Canadians to be taken seriously in the US, but maybe now they will be.

    Val loves "Knocking At The Door", and it was released this week. It's from their latest album Morning Report.

  • 5

    Nothing More - "Go To War"

    Texas seemed to dominate the "newner" choices for this week, and these Texans surely deserved their pick!

    This single is quickly climbing the charts. You can get "Go To War" on their upcoming album The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

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