'Tis the season to see all of the Christmas lights!  If you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Rochester to look at Christmas lights just fill the car up with gas, grab some hot cocoa and drive around to these 5 neighborhoods.

5 Best Neighborhoods To See Christmas Lights In Rochester

1)  The Enchanted Forest - this is a MUST! Drive on over to 18th Ave. NW and turn onto Chippewa Drive NW.  You will find the forest around Itasca Ct NW.

2)  Northern Heights - Just off of North Broadway is a magical display of lights.  Take a turn onto Northern Heights Drive NE and enjoy the gorgeous large pine trees as you go up the hill.  The entire neighborhood has several homes all ready for the holidays, but the favorite for many is the house on Sierra Lane NE.  Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation likes to make an appearance this time of the year.

3)  Go meet Santa at 12th Avenue SE - He decorated a house in Rochester with a ton of lights and waits outside to visit with all of the kids that stop by to visit.  Drive on over, roll your windows down, and let Santa know what is on your wish list this year.

4)  Lights and music at 4511 Sandywood Ct SE - we highly recommend listening to Y-105FM, Rochester's Christmas Station, but while you drive by this house, turn your radio to 95.9 FM.  Sip that cocoa as you drive by and watch the lights as they are synced to music.  (And then turn the station back to Y-105FM for the rest of your Christmas light tour!)

5)  Pill Hill in Southwest Rochester - amazing neighborhood with so many gorgeous houses and lights.  Drive around and as you are leaving, take a little trip around downtown Rochester to see the nativity at St. Mary's and the lights on and around the Mayo Clinic buildings.

Do you love all of the Christmas magic and lights?  Here's a few more places you can enjoy:

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