I walked into Barnes & Noble at The Apache Mall on Saturday at around 4pm, in hopes of finding the latest Opeth CD called Sorceress. I received way more than I bargain for, and arguably, it was way cooler than the CD. I met Jesse "The Body" Ventura!

We remember his tenure as governor fifteen years ago. We also remember Predator, and his wrestling career. Personally, I'm even more familiar with Jesse investigations into conspiracy theories and critiques on the American government. I find his ideas interesting! Those ideas are exactly what he was promoting on the afternoon of October 1st.

Here's four things we learned during his visit to Rochester.

1) He was promoting a new book, entitled Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto.

TSM Rochester

He was in town promoting his new book entitled Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto. Yep, it examines why America hasn't completely legalized marijuana, and Jesse's thoughts on the subject.


2) Making Predator was an experience.

During the Q & A session, he described making Predator as, "hard work with not enough pay." He also mentioned that he also enjoyed the camaraderie on set that (in his mind) only comes when you film on location.


3) His wife wasn't paid during her time as First Lady of Minnesota.

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Jesse added that he earned $120,00 a year during his tenure as Governor.


4) He had forms notarized to make signing his name "Jesse Ventura" legal.

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That's how he was able to sign everything he did as governor under a stage name. At least, that's how he explains it.

Jesse is a cool dude! Check out his other stops in Minnesota below!

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