We all know the powerful Christmas force that is Trans Siberian Orchestra. It is certainly no secret that they really rip live! It's not like you needed them, I'm going to give you four reasons to see Trans Siberian Orchestra live in Seattle on New Years Eve.

1) You'll get a pretty good look at the Space Needle.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

The show is literally right there. You'll get to see an amazing NYE fireworks display too.


2) You know you want to hear this live.

'nuff said. I'll put money on the fact that they will play it too.


3) You can check out the Experience Music Project Museum.

Experience Music Project
Getty Images

I was there this summer and loved it! It's right next to the venue. You can catch cool documentaries (I saw one on Jimi Hendrix), and play tons of instruments yourself. You can even step in a real recording booth if you want to give singing a try.


4) Lights. All of the lights.


Talk about amazing production! What a show! How many lights and lasers will you see? All of the lights and lasers.

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