Admit it, we've all had these thoughts. We know what kind of businesses we really want in Rochester. So why don't we have them?

It isn't as though businesses can't flourish here. Rochester currently has a 3% unemployment rate, and most folks that live here have (at the very least) a high school degree. That doesn't even include the possibilities associated with towns nearby either. We have skilled people here that are ready to work, and most of them are employed.

However, I have to ask - are we encouraging the right kind of business? Are we welcoming a variety of companies? Would new ones be even more successful here, if there's a need?

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In my opinion, Rochester could offer a better variety of businesses in what's clearly a successful market. Here are four businesses that we'd like to see thrive in our area.

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    IHOP has made significant improvements to their restaurant, and Rochester would love to see a location in our area.

    They explain, "Through the years, a number of items were added to the menu, and today IHOP has a full lunch and dinner menu, offering favorites such as hamburgers, salads and pastas."

    How wouldn't this be profitable?

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    Dave & Buster's

    A family friendly vibe with alcohol (if necessary) too? Of course Rochester wants this!

    You can all sit down to dinner, and then split up to play games. Or, make a date night for the "big kids" and have fun! ;-)

    Right now, the closest one to us is in Edina.

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    Exotic Car Dealer

    Just being honest here - what Mayo doctor wouldn't want to get their hands on an exotic car!? You don't even need to be a doctor to want one! The market for luxury cars is hot.

    According to Forbes, "Top-shelf brands, with cars generally selling for more than $40,000, represent a big and growing slice of the car business. They now account for 11% of total new car sales, when measured by number of units sold. Count the dollars spent, and their presence grows even larger. Luxury cars account for 18% of all car sales revenue, worth $100 billion."

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    Whole Foods

    Sometimes, you just want Whole Foods. Their popularity is growing. This website explains, "In its latest annual report 2016, Whole Foods Market stated net sales amounting to about 15.7 billion U.S. dollars. Most of their sales are generated within the United States."

    Why not add another location right here in Rochester?

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