In case you missed it, a BIG music festival is coming right here to Rochester for Labor Day Weekend.

I think I'll start by mentioning that it's FREE. Yep, your eyes processed that correctly. FREE. Foster Fest 2017 hits Foster Arend Park this weekend, and it's set to help out Mission 21.

It takes a lot to put an amazing local show like this together, so I sat down with organizers Oliver Books, Clay Ebertowski and Colt Ebertowski at Café Steam (who will also be at the show), and got the scoop on what we can expect.

Did you miss any part of the video? Here are three things you definitely want to know about the show before you go.

You can also call (507) 450-0029 or message,  with questions.


  • 1

    It's free.

    ...totally and completely! However, Mission 21 will be there, and donations would be awesome.

  • 2

    There's a band for everyone

    The lineup is not only exclusively filled with Rochester bands, it's also a well-rounded list that has something for everyone.

    Jazz bands, rock bands, punk bands... everything!

    Take a look at the acts performing here.

  • photo by Hemera Technologies
    photo by Hemera Technologies

    Food, drinks, and vendors will be there

    Everything from a tasty taco food truck, to an amazing tarot reader will be at the show too/

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