It was another successful and fun day at Mayo Civic Center where hundreds of patrons gathered to sample beer, don their favorite ugly holiday sweater, all while playing vintage video games as long as their hearts desired.

I arrived to the first session shortly after 1:30, and saw only smiles as I walked through the hallway towards the 4th annual Rochester on Tap.

Chants of "Dilly Dilly" and friendly banter were all over the Exhibition room and I was stoked to come back later that night to sample my own brew with my wife.

Here are four outstanding beers that I'd like to share and encourage you to try in your own homes:

  • 1

    Blue Moon Pacific Apricot Wheat

    While making my rounds, my wife spotted this little number right away. Already a fan of Blue Moon, you don't have to twist my arm too hard to try one of these... especially with Apricots. I can tell you, you won't be disappointed as it's as refreshing as it sounds. Having just finished a huge supper just before Rochester on Tap started, this was the perfect way to start things off. You can learn more about Pacific Apricot Wheat here.

    Credit: TSM Rochester
  • 2

    Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale

  • 3

    Schell's Snowstorm Rye Ale

    I've been drinking Schell's as long as I can remember (both legally & illegally) and it's my favorite brand of beer. Every year they make a new "Snowstorm", and every year I can't wait to try it! This time around it's a reddish-brown ale with a slightly rye after-taste. I'm a big fan of this year's batch and have already bought a case of it. You can get read more about Schell's Snowstorm here.

    Credit: TSM Rochester
  • 4

    Blake's Hard Cider 'El Chavo'

    Saving the best for last, I was taken aback by how sweet and powerful this little beer was! It's apple cider meets habanero pepper with a hint of mango that's surprisingly good! Just beware that it will turn up the heat a little bit, but not to the point where it's unbearable. It's truly something you have to try at least once! You can learn more about El Chavo here.

    Credit: TSM Rochester