This weekend we are predicting some snow here in the #BoldNorth but don't blame the moon for the flakes, even if it's called the 'Snow Moon'. It's 2020's first 'supermoon' that is called the Snow Moon in which is named aptly enough by northeastern Native American tribes who referred to the second full moon of winter as the Snow Moon because of February's heavy snow.

This month's moon is also being called a supermoon by some experts, which means it will be one of the biggest moons of 2020 and will look especially large when rising and setting.
However, experts disagree on what constitutes a supermoon, you can read more into the specifics into what scientists and astronomers constitute a supermoon here.
The moon will be fullest at 1:33 a.m. on Sunday, February 9, according to NASA. So bundle up, celebrate and get excited.
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